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Ocean & Surf Therapy

Ocean and Surf Therapy is an evidence-based experiential therapy that has been shown to increase overall mental health, happiness and lead to behavioral changes.

Surf therapy is an intervention that combines the therapeutic elements of the ocean, incorporating aspects of mindfulness with the adventures of surfing to impact the physical and mental well-being of individuals.

Benefits of surf therapy treating mental health and substance use disorders:

      • Increases mindfulness
      • Builds self-efficacy
      • Activates “Flow state”
      • Reduces cravings
      • Reduces anxiety/depression/PTSD symptoms
      • Alleviates insomnia
      • Improves cognitive concentration

At Stoked on Life we incorporate Groundswell Surf Therapy™ curriculum which cultivates safer and braver spaces for you to reclaim your healing, power, and belonging as you dive deeper into self-love, sea love and surf sister/brotherhood.

Our surf therapy programs welcome you exactly where you are at; with a trauma-informed team of licensed therapists, surf coaches, and volunteers that are stoked to see you, hear you, and honor you as you explore your fullest expression of self at a wave near you!

– Our Mission –

Stoked on Life is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide, promote, and research ocean and surf therapy as an experiential intervention for individuals struggling with mental health and substance use issues regardless of socio-economic status. This is accomplished by providing surf and ocean therapy clinics, programs, and community with licensed clinicians and expert surf instructors.



Surf therapy sessions consist of small, ninety-minute groups facilitated by licensed clinicians and surf instructors using mindfulness and flow skills to engage in surfing/processing therapeutic session.

Sessions begin with land instruction and mindfulness activity, followed by surfing in the water with instructors.

The remainder of the session is on land where participants process with a clinician.

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Forever Frosty Foundation strives to continue the conversation about suicide awareness and prevention by raising funds to directly impact the lives of our youth who cannot afford mental health counseling.

Founded in 2017, Retail Resilient empowers professionals across industries to harness the power of social selling. Our mission is to equip businesses with the tools and strategies needed to thrive on social media, ensuring they not only promote their products and services effectively but also build lasting resilience in an ever-changing digital landscape.

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We are grateful for the help and generosity of so many people, organizations, and companies in our community and around the World that align with our mission!

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Sunrise Surf Shop

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We are grateful for the help and generosity of so many people, organizations, and companies in our community and around the World!

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